Music Credits for the Podcast

For the Spherical Fish Radio Show, I have been using intro / outro and backing music that's drawn from a number of artists whose work is released as Creative Commons via the Free Music Archive.

The show introduction (for recent episodes, now that I've started being more consistent) is by Rolemusic, the track The Pirate and the Dancer from the album of the same name. The whole album is pretty excellent and features in the backing music - it is one of several albums that tell a story, sort of the soundtrack to a video game that was never produced.

The most recent episode's outro music was from the most-excellent album OldStyle by OldStyle. That group is Chris and Emily Davidson, a brother and sister pair. Chris is better known (to me at least) as DJ Cutman and has been producing chiptunes (especially adaptations and remixes of classic video game soundtracks) for ages now. The Old Style album pairs his electronic chops with Emily's classical-music skills (she's a baroque cellist) to remix some baroque music in a bitpunk fashion. I really love this album. I also love that it's CC-BY-SA, because that means I can use it as a backdrop to the show.

In addition to the featured stuff, we have a lot of other music in the backgrounds when we talk. That includes:

As you might be able to tell, I really dig chiptunes. As you may also be able to tell, I dig creative commons stuff. That's why the Spherical Fish site is licensed under CC-BY-SA, meaning you can take my content and re-share and re-mix it. The only requirements are attribution and share-alike (meaning that, while you can sell derivative works, you have to also share those derivative works).

If there's other music you'd like me to put on the show, let me know! I'm always looking for new backing music, but I have to say that now that I've just kind of thrown together a bunch of cool ones into a single big track I've gotten a bit lazy with getting the new stuff out there.